Vaccines in Pregnancy? Really???

pregnant 2 cropped20 years ago it would have been unthinkable – maybe even 10 years ago. It is still unthinkable to many medical professionals and thinking people, so why has the public acceptance changed? Why are government agencies around the world now encouraging women to get a flu vaccine and/or a TDaP (the adult version of the DTaP recommended in 4 doses to all babies) vaccine when pregnant? Why are pregnant women accepting this? Why are OB/Gyns and even midwives (long the bastions of things natural and healthy) now recommending these shots to their patients? Why do CDC recommendations blatantly contradict the information supplied by the manufacturers of vaccines? There is so much to consider when pregnant, the information can see overwhelming!

Pregnant women need to know that there was a major change in the recommendations for shots in pregnancy in the last 10+ years. Perhaps this change came out of a decision to try and make the vaccine/autism link hazy. Officials at CDC openly spoke to each other about their fear of “angry Autism Parents.” [1]Simpsonwood quote

CDC is very aware of angry Autism Parents and has been doing their best since at least 2000 to dodge responsibility for the damage their recommended vaccines have caused. The CDC Whistleblower, Dr William Thompson, has explained in detail the fraud committed by top researchers in their study which was intended to debunk the vaccine/autism connection.

The idea of giving pregnant women flu vaccines was first proposed at scientific meetings: “hey, lets start vaccinating pregnant women for flu, then there won’t be such an obvious autistic regression, because babies will be ‘born’ autistic” (spoken in more scientific terms because they ‘needed’ to ‘protect’ the vaccine program in the ‘interests of public health’).[1] At first the response to this suggestion was there is NO way OB/Gyns are going to buy into this. OB/Gyns are well aware that exposing pregnant women to drugs can cause serious danger to the developing baby. Historically, many drugs given to pregnant women have resulted in their withdrawal based on birth defects on a wide scale. Thus, doctors who seek to preserve the health of pregnant women are very restrictive in their use of drugs and even give strong dietary recommendations, including avoiding canned fish in pregnancy. The CDC/Pharma knew it would be difficult to convince doctors, let alone mothers, that vaccines injected during pregnancy were a good idea. It has taken them many years and deliberate media campaigns. OB/Gyns have been assaulted with information over the last 12 or so years. This information is actually marketing, disguised as “science”, and they are at last making headway and getting the buy-in of OB/Gyns who are under their influence. There has been no actual science to support the safety of the policy of injecting pregnant woman with vaccines.

It seems like pharmaceutical companies have been so successful in their marketing campaigns targeting OB/Gyns, pregnant women, and the population at large that most doctors are now recommending a flu shot at every visit – so if you refuse it the first time, they will continue to hound you about it during your whole pregnancy. Not only that, but nurses and midwives are also pushing shots to pregnant women. AND, I am amazed to read of many pregnant women DEMANDING both the flu and the TDaP vaccines because they have been so indoctrinated. Most doctors are not aware that they have been targeted with this heavy indoctrination. They believe the CDC has studied the safety implications and trust the CDC’s recommendations. They are likely to tell their patients all the reasons why it is good for them to get the vaccines – because that is exactly the info the drug rep has been repeating to them over and over.

Doctors generally have not read all the science themselves. Many have not even read the vaccine package insert which states that the shots have never been approved or tested for safety during pregnancy. They are not informed (or choose to ignore) the fact that miscarriage is significantly higher among women getting these shots. Women get shots and may have a miscarriage or early labor in the next week (or two), and most doctors or mothers ever put the facts together.

Flu PregnancyIf you are pregnant I encourage you to read the package inserts of the vaccines made by the manufacturer themselves which state that they have never been tested on pregnant woman. Ask your doctor “How are you okay recommending treatments that haven’t been proven safe for pregnant women? You tell me not to eat canned tuna, but think injecting the toxic ingredients in vaccines won’t cross the placenta?

Flue pregnancy memeBig Pharma has managed to completely turn the tide of medical and public opinion when doctors, midwives and pregnant women are all convinced there is benefit to receiving the flu vaccine and/or the TDaP when pregnant. It is quite a marketing feat. They are probably very impressed with themselves and could get written up in a business school for a successful turn around of public opinion.

A successful marketing campaign does not mean science supports injecting women carrying our most vulnerable citizens with a toxic chemical cocktail that could kill or maim that precious new life. Please educate before you accept this dangerous medical procedure. I have nothing to gain by your decision. There are many others who have much to lose if you choose life and health by not vaccinating. Think about that.

Are you outraged?

If you are outraged – like me – then please share this with your pregnant friends and even with your fertile, but not yet pregnant friends. We all need to vote with our feet and our wallets and say NO to vaccines during pregnancy.

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Author: Becky Hastings, wife of 35 years, mother to five plus two, grandmother to four so far, passionate about truth, health, and healthy babies. I’ve been a breastfeeding counselor for 23+ years. I love helping moms succeed in mothering through breastfeeding. I can’t keep quiet and watch moms struggle because of the pressure they face to throw themselves and their babies ‘under the pharmaceutical bus’ and hope for the best. Moms need to know the truth.

Flu Vaccines in Pregnancy? 


[1] For more information on the Simpsonwood meetings where the CDC discussed the mercury/autism “strong signal” and planned their strategy to help obscure it:

To read the complete 286 page transcript of the Simpsonswood meeting where the CDC and top invited scientists met at a secret meeting to discuss the vaccine autism link, and then strategizes on how to keep this information away from the public:


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  5. See the blue circle where inside it says to call Sanofi..? Did you ever think why do they want you to call? Well, they are using you for testing results as a guinea pig so they can collect data for themselves.

  6. I completely agree. Ten years ago, in a foreign country, I took my pregnant daughter to the best obstetrician. When he mentioned vaccines, my first thoughts, as a not practicing midwife, was: What ? have you ever, is that how they practice nowadays!!? There cannot be anything improved on healthy, natural pregnancy and childbirth. We did not allow it of course and had a natural birth too thus becoming ‘the first in his career who wouldn’t want an epidural’.

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