An Impassioned Plea

IMG_1731Newborn babies: Peaceful, calm, delicious.  My home birthed baby holding her home birthed nephew at four days old. Fourteen and a half years separate them, but they have a lot in common.

I LOVE babies. There is something so wonderful, so magical, about holding or being around a brand new life. So much potential. So much innocence.

Life takes on a new pace when there is a newborn to care for. Priorities and values are all shifted. Nothing is more important than the brand new baby. Babies force us to relax and rest and take life more slowly.

I want every woman who has hopes of being a mom to know that it is possible to peacefully transition into motherhood. Babies don’t have to cry continuously.

We all know childbirth is hard work and both baby and mom require some recovery time, yet the early days of a baby’s life could be some of the most calm and tranquil times you will ever know. Would you like a peaceful calm contented baby?

After having five of my own, watched four grandchildren arrive in the world, and helped thousands of women get started in their breastfeeding journey over thirty years, there are a couple of things that are critically important to help you achieve a peaceful start to your baby’s life:

  1. IMG_1723Reduce toxin exposure as much as possible in all forms during pregnancy (food, air, water, otc products, cosmetic and personal care products).
  2. Avoid drugs as much as possible during birth. Research to find a birth assistant who knows how to help you effectively birth your baby without artificial assistance and drugs. Make sure your birth attendant has experience with natural birth and will actually provide motivation and encouragement for you to achieve it. It makes a WORLD of difference for a baby to have a completely natural start to life. There are many natural means to make this a good experience for both mom and baby. It matters.
  3. Avoid all injections unless absolutely essential for a life-threatening urgent situation. A newborn’s body was not designed to receive injections from the word go. Any shot that is suggested for you to give your newborn, can probably wait, or there is an alternative.

I firmly believe babies are having difficulty in latching, bonding and adapting to the world because of the procedures routinely forced on them by well-intended hospital policy. A newborn baby does not need a routine injection of Hepatitis B vaccine to survive, and if the mother tests negative for Hepatitis B, there is no reason at all to ever consider this potentially harmful medical procedure.

I have been involved in helping moms breastfeed their babies for over 30 years. Since the routine Hepatitis B vaccine was introduced, I have seen increasing levels of difficulty with latching and breastfeeding. This is completely harmful, distressful and mostly unnecessary. Find scientific reasons for why you would or would not give a Hepatitis B injection. A recommendation from the CDC or your pediatrician does not count as research. WHY would you give such an injection? You are the one who will be living in the first few weeks with the distressed baby as a result of this early medical intervention.

Vitamin K, if recommended, can be delivered orally. Avoiding this injection will make a difference. Your baby will be more content with NO INJECTIONS. Every injection comes with excipients that will cause a reaction in the little body. There is a corresponding cost for every medical procedure your baby receives. You will find out all about it in the early weeks of baby’s life.

Knowing that even one single injection has the potential to make your baby and your first month together miserable, I pray you would take some time to research whether it is necessary in your situation. Adjusting to life with a new baby takes time. Recovering from childbirth takes time for mom and baby.

For your own sanity I urge you to wait on all other injections until you really know a few things:

  1. What disease is this injection meant to prevent my baby from getting?
  2. What is the likelihood of my baby catching this disease?
  3. Is there a way to treat this disease, if my baby were to get it?
  4. What are the side affects of the vaccine – what direct harm do I know I am causing my baby by giving this injection?
  5. What are the contraindications, or reasons, that some people should not receive this vaccine (found on the vaccine insert produced by every manufacturer)? Do any of these apply to my baby and me?
  6. Who is pushing me to get this medical procedure and do they have anything to gain from my decision?
  7. If my baby has a serious reaction to an injection, who is going to help me cope? Will anyone be responsible if the reaction turns out to be so bad further medical care is required? Who will be liable for the costs I may incur to care for my baby if he has a serious reaction?

If you don’t believe a single injection can cause serious harm to your precious newborn, ask any mother who has had multiple children with some receiving injections and others receiving no injections. There is generally a night and day difference. A mom who has experienced the peace and tranquility of a naturally birthed non injected baby will loudly attest and join me in urging you to get the facts before your submit to a medical procedure that has the potential to turn your brand new baby experience into a nightmare.

My desire and hope is for your good. I want you to be blessed with enjoying motherhood and your precious baby to the utmost. If I can help you to find information that empowers you to choose a peaceful content baby, please let me know.

I have nothing to gain from your choice. The decision is completely yours. I want you to have the same joy and peace with your newborn as I have experienced with mine. All life is a precious gift and I am thankful to be blessed with five children. I am not perfect, no birth is ever perfect, but there are some things we can do to make things better. I thank God for guiding me to natural paths that have led to many blessings.

I have written over 30 blog posts: 30 Ways in 30 Days to try to help you navigate this important decision.



5 thoughts on “An Impassioned Plea

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  3. This post makes me happy, moms and babes at home and in peace, no doctors and nurses interfereing! Organic birth, babies and nursing! Thank you for writing this.

  4. Truly beautiful. Thank you for your kind and gentle words. I had a natural and un-medicated birth and my daughter is fully free from all injections/vaccines. As a newborn, she was what you describe…calm, peaceful and even slept through most of the night!! Now, at 8 months she is always happy, alert and responsive! We hear how alert she is constantly!! Anyway…I completely agree with everything you have written. Knowledge is power, empower yourselves moms and dads! 🙂

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