Lecture in grassMost young people I know (I’ve raised 5 and worked with a lot) HATE lectures.

They don’t want advice.

In our world, we often find there are many people who want to bombard us with advice! Young people at the peak and prime of life are sometimes susceptible prey to older people who think they have all the answers and freely give recommendations. Sometimes it’s because they think they have done so well and they want to help younger people succeed in life. Or it might be that they’ve messed up so bad they want to help them avoid mistakes.

Both of those motives are noble. There are other less noble motives that we often fail to consider. One, is that sometimes the choices you and I make will directly influence the amount of money someone is going to make.

Marketers specialize in knowing their market and appealing to what their target is looking for. I have kids in a variety of ages and stages from adult to teens, and I’ve seen the power of marketing on my kids as well as on myself.

So, if you are young, healthy and fertile and one day might reproduce, here are some important questions. You might not need them now, but if you are pregnant or hoping to be THESE QUESTIONS MIGHT BE THE MOST ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS TO CONSIDER!

What medical procedures are essential when I am pregnant?

What medical procedures are necessary for a brand new baby?

Is every medical procedure that will be recommended for me or my baby ALWAYS a good idea?

Do either of us have any of the soft signs of immune dysfunction or compromise that might suggest more serious look at the routine vaccination schedule (red cheeks, skin issues, chronic constipation, auto immune disorders, etc.)?

Thinking about these questions is a good start. There are many more you might like to explore in my previous post, called Essential Questions, below.

30 ways in 30 Days, Exploring Vaccines: Day 27


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