The Critical Question

Question marks Orang

Probably THE MOST SIGNIFICANT question we will ever consider is

Who is/was Jesus?

To be fair we also need to think carefully about where we will go to find the answer to this question.

Will we go to our friends, our peer group, people we feel comfortable with, and ask them what they think?

Will we go to books written by smart people? or funny people?

Will we allow the media to shape our answer to this question?

Will we go to our family or just follow in the tradition we’ve received?

If this is the most important question you could ever answer maybe it’s worth a little bit of work and effort. Maybe you need to consider carefully the source of information that impacts your answer.

I’m not providing any answers here. I just want to motivate you to begin an honest search.

Who do you think Jesus was?

Do you know who Jesus claimed to be?


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