PerspectiveWhat are you doing today?

A simple question.

Yet every time I heard it for nearly a year I got a paralyzed feeling – ahhhh what am I doing today? Am I doing anything worthwhile or meaningful? Am I just goofing off? Am I being lazy? How can I possibly describe what I am doing today? Have I got anything planned yet? Am I just going to free-flow through my day? As a Stay At Home mom trying to get a business started, trying to figure out ways to produce some meaningful income, transitioning to having more time available, this questions would hit me hard as BIG CRITICISM!

So many thoughts and feelings would go coursing through my brain.

When actually, the question wasn’t a judgment about how I was spending my time at all. It was more accurately something like this:

“Are you doing anything that requires driving today, because, if not, I would like to take the ‘nicer to drive car.’ However, I prioritize you over me, so if you are driving anywhere at all, I would rather leave the ‘nicer to drive’ car for you.”

Wow. The day I figured that out it was a real revelation. Peace flooded my soul. I was not being judged and found wanting. I was being honored and cherished.

The way I figured it out was that the question always came right at the time he was going to select his keys from the ‘key tray.’ So he was asking himself which keys do I need today, therefore his question to me, ‘what are you doing today?”

I like to think of myself as sensitive and sharp. This shows HOW SLOW I really was to pick up on this. It took me nearly a year of this scenario playing out regularly before I finally put it together!

Perspective. Small words made into sentences or questions. HOW we hear them makes HUGE difference!


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