Answers When Tragedies Weigh us Down

DespairThere are bad things that happen every day; tragedies. We read about them. We hear about them. Children dying and lifelong suffering are some of the worst tragedies imaginable. Avoidable tragedies seem even more tragic and can leave us riddled with guilt, especially if they happen to our children.

However, death is not actually the worst tragedy that could happen to us. While most of us seek to live a long healthy life, we will all die at some point.

When Jesus was on earth some of His followers asked Him about a local tragedy. Jesus said that death apart from God is THE WORST tragedy of all.

If you do not consider God’s ways and truly change, then you should prepare to face His judgment and eternal death. Luke 13

Many of us have been the unwitting victims of lies. We have experienced suffering due to many things: toxic drugs, debilitating illness, disasters, wars, tragic suffering. Any tragedy we experience without the presence of God in the midst of it can only be exponentially worse.

We don’t know what tragedies or disasters might be ahead. Many people try to plan and prepare as much as possible avoid them. The families with loved ones on planes that have crashed were not expecting to have to live through such a tragedy. Can we actually prepare and be ready to face tragedy if it were to happen to us?

Some people live in fear of everything. I don’t want to live like that.

Our best possible preparation is to think about Jesus’ words and daily “consider God’s ways.” As we grow in our knowledge and confidence in God we will understand that

  • His eternal protection is absolute.
  • His presence in our current crisis brings unparalleled comfort.

Truly, seeking God and finding Him is our only real hope and security.

This does not bring me to a place of complacency in the midst of our current world situation. The Apostle John, who was blessed to spend time with Jesus, and lived a long life sharing all he learned about Jesus, wrote this:

Have confidence in the fact that we belong to God, but also know that the world around us is in the grips of the evil one. We also can be sure of the fact that the Son of God has come and given us a mind so that we may know Him.

When Jesus was on earth He healed every imaginable illness. He set people free of oppressive bondage. He even raised the dead. He Himself rose from a cruel, agonizing death. He demonstrated power over death. He gave His power to His early followers who also performed healing. Jesus wants to share His power with you and me. He wants to offer healing and hope to the world.

Welcome Jesus. Open the door. Invite Him in.

Through the resurrected man, Jesus, forgiveness of sins is assured to you. Through Jesus, everyone who believes is set free from all sins. In light of this, be careful that you don’t fulfill the words of the prophet Habakkuk:

‘Look you scoffers

Be shocked to death.

For in your days I am doing a work,

A work you will never believe,

Even if someone tells you plainly.’ Paul, Acts 13

God had a plan for the tragedy of Jesus’ death. He has a plan for your tragedy. Find your safety in Him.

Even if we feel surrounded by corruption, war, and suffering, we can live in the truth that Jesus desired to bring us: Hope in the midst of suffering; light in the midst of darkness. I seek daily to be part of His answer.  He has answers for the world. You are an answer. I am an answer. Let’s live to be fully and completely the answer to all those in our sphere of influence TODAY; and everyday. As we surrender, Jesus can bring hope and healing to those in need through us.


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