Intentional Authentic Leadership


Leadership begins with leading yourself.

You might think that if you are a mom at home you aren’t a leader. Actually, you are one of the most powerful leaders around. Everyday the decisions you make, the words you say and how you grow as a person powerfully impact the next generation. You may only have one child, yet you could be influencing thousands. Don’t take that position lightly.

So, how are you creating an environment in your home that encourages everyone to be the best they can be? Do you feel like what you are doing at home is not important, but the work you do outside of the home – whether it is paid or volunteer, is the really important part of your life?

You might be considered a huge success in other areas of your life, but if you are not creating an irresistible environment at home, where your children and your husband (if you have one) want to be, then you are failing at the most significant role that you have.

Tips for creating an Irresistible Environment at Home (by someone who struggles a lot with this concept)

  1. Make healthy foods a priority. Everyone feels and acts better when their nutritional needs are met and they are not experiencing ravaging cravings for sugar, chemicals and carbs.
  2. Be aware of your own stress levels and seek healthy methods for stress reduction such as exercise, EFT, journalling, talking, etc.
  3. Prioritize intentional fun. Figure out the different things each personality in your family finds fun and join in – even if it is not your fun thing. Celebrate your differences.
  4. Seek to grow your family towards an emotionally and spiritually healthy foundation.
  5. Affirmation. Everyone needs affirmation. Give it liberally. It might not come back to you, so find ways of giving it to yourself.

Parenting is a very long-term commitment. It is similar to one of those very conservative stocks you invest in and leave it for a long time. The dividends in parenting can be much better than the stock investment, but you might only reap the richest rewards at 10, 15 or 20 years in.



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