Detox or Not?

Orange flowerDetoxing is a particularly popular word these days.  Seems like everybody is bouncing it around.  And every second person I talk to about health these days seems to mention having trouble with their thyroid.  Co-incidence?

I’m still learning, but I’ve been acquiring some great information and decided I needed to share it.

I was privileged to catch some of Underground Wellness’ Thyroid Sessions.  There were many talks that stand out for me, but I particularly enjoyed one by Wendy Myers CHHC.  (Nutritional Balancing Program. Her website: and she has a Youtube cooking show called Modern Paleo Cooking.  Her doctor mentor who supervises the program is
Her talk put together a lot of information I’ve bumped up against in the past, but found myself having many ‘Aha!’ moments as I finally began fitting together the many pieces that contribute to overall health and wellbeing.
Here are some of the highlights I gleaned from her talk – with a few of my own additions:
  1. One interesting fact: The mineral that most of her clients in Texas test toxic for is Manganese.  It is not something that is tested for in municipal water tests anywhere, but could be in water.  Toxic levels of manganese can lead to aggressive behavior and other personality disorders.  In at least one study that was done, most, if not all, prisoners tested toxic for manganese!
  2. Summary of her content:  most of us are depleted in minerals and are not getting the minerals we need for healthy functioning.  The thyroid is particularly sensitive to appropriate minerals, and thyroid health can impact health in every area of the body.  Not only do we not have the minerals we need for health, we are also bombarded with heavy metals, halogens and chemicals from the time we are in utero and every single day.  So we need to be conscious of our ongoing strategy for life-long detox and reducing toxic exposure.
  3. Infa red saunas were briefly mentioned as one effective detox strategy for chemical exposure.  Note to self: investigate infa red saunas.
  4. Toxic Exposure Today:  We are regularly exposed to between 80,000 – 100,000 different chemical in our environment!  This is primarily from the advent of the chemical age starting in the 30s and 40s.  Chemicals in the form of drugs (vaccines, prescription and OTC), cleaning products, air fresheners and other scented products, toiletries and cosmetics, industrial waste in air and water, pesticides and herbicides on food, hormone disrupters in plastics, receipts, and meats, heavy metals in fish, amalgam fillings, etc.  The cumulative impact of this sort of chemical exposure has not really been tested.  Chemical pesticide use has increased over 1000% in the last 30 years!  Just since my first child was born!  Babies are born with toxic chemicals/metals already in their body (study done by Environmental Working Group of cord blood)!  
So all this just supports my conclusions – we need to eat clean, drink lots of clean water, implement de-stressing daily, pray and know that God has a plan!  I think any anxiety that we feel about the current state of health and wellness can be used as a way to reach out and minister to others.  People who find out all this stuff tend to get overwhelmed, but as Christians, we can support them and help point them to the Savior who desires to rescue them in this world and forever!
One of my core values that I came up with last month was reinforced by this information:  
I have hope that Jesus designed our bodies for health and
He can heal and protect us from illness
as we discern truth about our design,
stop toxic exposure, and
remove stored toxins.

We all need to implement an ongoing passive detoxing lifestyle. Some proponents of a vigorous detox program could unwittingly cause you to detox too quickly and free heavy metals and other toxins that end up causing more harm than good.

If you are keen to get all the details you ever wanted and more about how to stay healthy and why we are so sick, watch this video by my favorite chiropractor, thought leader and teacher, Dr John Bergman.

How do you detox? How aware are you of the toxic choices impacting your health?
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