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Being a parent is a big responsibility. Our precious baby totally depends on us to make every important decision.

I want you to know right up front I have nothing to gain from any decision you make for your baby.  I just love healthy children.

I love seeing my children enjoy great health and even though they are now 31, 28, 24, 20 and 13, I don’t even like them to get a cold or anything that slows them down even for a half a day!

I love seeing my grandchildren robustly healthy, loving healthy food and thriving in their brain, body and soul.

I volunteer with children and love to see healthy robust children brimming with life and curiosity.  They are so precious and I love their energy.

Babies now receive more vaccines than ever in history and the USA recommends more shots than any other country.  Yet our children are not healthier and the US infant death rate is not something to be proud of. Why?

When I see a child struggling my heart aches.  Vaccine damage is real and many families have learned the hard way.  Sometimes vaccine damage can be seen in the eyes of a child, as Dr. Andrew Moulden documented extensively.  Just as a stroke victim often has parts of their face or eye movement impaired because of the damage caused by the stroke, so a child injured by vaccines often has a ‘pull’ in one of their eyes.  You can go back and look at baby pictures and often identify when it happened. Vaccines have heavy metals added to them, sometimes as preservatives and sometimes to actually make a bigger impact on the body.  However, these heavy metals can cause damage to the brain and interfere with the normal function of the immune system.

A common complication of vaccines is repeated ear infections and much higher levels of sickness in the first two years.  It seems the children just catch everything.  I hate to see children suffering unnecessarily.  Life is too short to spend a lot of time in doctors offices or hospitals.  Life is too short to watch your child develop a chronic illness from being injected with ingredients hostile to their body while their immune system tries to respond the best way it knows how.

I respect the fact that God made our bodies good.  He designed them with an immune system that can handle anything.  The vaccine ‘scientists’ think they have improved upon God’s design and will give you ‘protection’ from childhood illnesses.  I would rather trust in God than in the vaccine scientists. While some of the scientists researching vaccines may claim to be followers of Jesus Christ,  the originators of vaccines mostly denied God and sought to circumvent the body’s defense mechanisms. They believed the body was deficient and that their concoctions would provide benefits.  All vaccine science has been built on a faulty foundation.  When we leave God out of our scientific thought, we can become hopelessly confused.  Paul talks about this in his writing.

With the Lord’s authority I say this: Live no longer as the Gentiles do, for they are hopelessly confused. Their minds are full of darkness; they wander far from the life God gives because they have closed their minds and hardened their hearts against Him. Eph 4:17-18

A scientist who denies God is hopelessly confused. That confusion leads to more confusion.  In the case of vaccine science it also leads to a lot of suffering.  The US government acknowledges this suffering.  They set up the vaccine court because they admitted that vaccines were unavoidably unsafe. Nearly $3 Billion has been paid out towards those who have been injured or killed as a result of recieving vaccines.  This is only the tip of the iceberg since only 25% of claims filed with the NVICP are paid out (many are refused on technicalities after years of waiting) and only about 10% of people who experience injury even bother to file.  Using these numbers, it could be extrapolated that the damage from vaccines runs over $100 Billion.

Many thousands of families are suffering with serious debilitating health challenges due to receiving the recommended vaccines.  They have been forced to re-think and dig deep to discover the scientific basis of the shots given to children.  Many are doctors and other professionals.  They feel betrayed and want to warn others.  They aren’t crazy as the media and vaccine promoters would like to make them out to be.  They are extremely caring people. They are willing to take all the insults and abuse the well organized vaccine promoters try to overwhelm them with and they continue – because they want others to avoid the pain and suffering they have experienced.

Who would you rather believe?  A drug representative, a doctor, or company whose livelihood depends on the ongoing vaccination program? Or a parent of a vaccine injured child whose only benefit they gain is the satisfaction of knowing they have helped educate and prevent a potential injury?

Even if you aren’t convinced, give the parents of vaccine injured children a chance to share what they have learned through painstaking research.  Here is one I admire a lot.


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