No Guarantees

handsIn parenting there are no guarantees.  Most parents are filled with awe at the prospect of being responsible for a new life and try and do everything ‘right’.  Some research like crazy, others take opinion polls from their friends or rely on the accumulated wisdom they’ve gleaned over the years.  They know in their heart – they will never be ‘that’ parent – the one in their memory who was sooooo obviously wrong.

Our attempts to be the perfect parent are often interesting for others to watch!  Usually we are unaware of how we appear.

Some parents rely heavily on whatever their doctor, or midwife, or best friend advises.  They might read a book claiming to have all the answers to how to make sure your baby is healthy, sleeps through the night from an early age, and is the brightest baby on the block. We set our sights on the ‘true path to parenting perfection’ completely unaware that there is no perfect method, and anyone who claims to have it, is either delusional or lying.

All parents want the best for their baby – those that learn about the increased toxic exposure children face today and carefully avoid all heavy metals, including fish, medication and vaccinations AND those who fear their child might unnecessarily experience suffering through a ‘vaccine preventable disease’ so they make sure they fully vaccinate themselves, their baby, and anyone coming into contact with the baby.

Happy Grandparents June 13I have been at this job of parenting for over 31 years.  My husband and I have been blessed with five amazing children, two daughters in love and three wonderful grandchildren.  The bottom line is that anything good we have done with our children has been through the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and that His mercy is enough for most of our mistakes.

In the end we have to seek to follow Him with all our heart, mind and soul and seek the wisdom He wants to give us on a daily basis.  We can have absolute confidence that He does not want to leave us in the dark, but loves us absolutely and wants to reveal His truths to us.

Choose faith over fear.  Parent out of your faith and confidence that God created your child in your womb and can give your body the ability to grow a healthy child – even if you decline to get an early photo!  Make your parenting decisions based on faith in the immune system God designed.  Never make a decision out of fear.  Pray and ask to be led to the information you need to make a wise choice.

Read both sides of any discussion.  Don’t be afraid to explore what the best of the best has to say to support their claims.  Read every word of any medication’s package insert before administering it to your child.  Don’t give anything just because a doctor or a pharmacist says its safe.  Empower yourself with knowledge. When in doubt wait and pray. The more information you have in advance the easier it will be to make decisions.

But in the end, follow your heart of faith in a God who loves you – don’t follow fear.  Life is not perfect.  Even if you take every possible precaution you can still end up with a situation you did not plan or desire.  Continue to choose faith.  Faith that God can work all things for our good as we love Him and follow His call on our life.

Sometimes we learn the best lessons through the biggest difficulties.  No one wakes up and orders challenges and difficulties for breakfast, but sometimes as parents we find they show up on our plate.  We can respond with faith and seek the strength and grace Jesus wants to imbibe in us.

How has God turned your greatest challenges into triumphs? Let me know in the comments below.  Your story can inspire others.



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