Exercise Boosts your Brain!

brainEveryone can find some sort of exercise they enjoy doing!  If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking.  There is some way for you to move your body and enjoy it – and it is really really important for your brain that you do so!

How Exercise helps brain short

from talk by Dr John Bergman

I don’t know about you – but I don’t want my brain to shrink as I get older!  So, everywhere I go, I think about having time and ways to move.  I might look odd now, but it will save me from being very odd later!  Some ways I move:

  • when standing in a line: balance on one leg, do toe-rises
  • dance whenever I can!
  • park further away from the entrance to where I am going.
  • Stand at my counter-height desk to work, and keep moving!
  • instead of meeting friends for a meal or coffee, asking them to meet for a walk.
  • look for opportunities to do pull-ups or walk on walls!
  • got roller blades for Mother’s Day!
  • decide that exercise is fun, so I skip, hop or gallop! Running is boring.
  • go up and down stairs when there are no mountains to climb!

What do you do to keep your brain growing while you are growing older?  What is your biggest obstacle to regular exercise?


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