OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe all see a lot on the subject of bullies and bullying.  There are billboards, advertisements, stories, even curricula for school children covering the topic of bullying.  Bullying is real and we need to teach our children effective ways of handling bullies. But in the midst of all this bully education, it seems almost too obvious to mention:

Corporate bullies are perhaps the worst kind of bullies.

I’m certainly no expert on corporations, but it seems that many that are involved in very questionable practises are able to hold great power over people.  As someone who has lived outside the USA for over 30 years and recently returned to live in the USA, it seems that Americans in general have become immune to corporate bullies.

The toxification of the environment by industrial and commercial activity has been a fact of modern life for decades. But this plague of pollution is so insidious, like the slowly heating pot of water that boils the unsuspecting frog, that its true dimensions have crept up on us largely unheeded.  So has its impact on the health of our children.


Poisoned Profits: The Toxic Assault on Our Children,  Philip Shabecoff and Alice Shabecoff

In the rest of the book the authors painstakingly document how our environment is being degraded and the health of our children is being put at risk all in the name of profit.  Dangerous environmental pollution is happening in many areas of our country with reckless abandon.  Many of the offending institutions are revered in their communities because of the jobs they create and the benefits they may bring, yet they neglect to implement basic safety practices and their toxic presence can result in serious birth defects and illness to children.  Most of the offenders are not held accountable and are actually rewarded through increased profit margins and higher salaries for executives. They are powerful and have enough money to buy whatever they need – including scientific studies proving their points – for their success.

Robyn O’Brien describes her awakening to discover the truth about the toxic impact of American food, government, and culture in her book, The Unhealthy Truth. She reveals the alarming decision-making process that enables harmful additives, many of which are banned in other countries, to be included in the United States food supply.  Her book is a personal account in which she shares her daughter’s severe allergic reaction to what she thought was just ‘normal food’.  She thought she was safe in shopping in her local grocery store and feeding her children the food she found readily available on the shelves.  As she began her research into the relationship between the manipulation of our food and the increase in diseases in our children, Robyn O’Brien experienced personal attacks from these same corporate bullies.

Some notable corporate bullies habitually attack those who oppose them.  One large offender spends millions on bringing honest farmers to court simply because their continued differing farming practice is not agreeable to them.

Corporate Bullies.  What are we going to do about it?


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