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Let's TalkI must confess I have not always felt so free to share this information. I know a lot of people hold contrary views. However, as I’ve researched, read and discussed this issue ad nauseam (ask my family) I truly believe everyone needs to think through the current state of our children’s health and ask ‘WHY?’

Why are there so many kids with peanut allergies, learning difficulties, auto-immune disorders, obesity, neurological issues?  Sure, the issue is multifaceted.  There are environmental toxins at levels the world has never known before, and we all know the food we eat is not what it should be.  However, just because there are many issues contributing to this debate, does not negate the fact that we need to take a very long and careful look at giving our children vaccines – or any other medication they might get a prescription for.  God did not intend for His children, especially the smallest most helpless ones, to suffer so much.

Please research carefully before you make this decision.  Don’t allow anyone to bully you into a decision.  Check out both sides.  Read the package inserts and the ingredient list of EVERYTHING.  Don’t let fear push you to do something.  Vaccines can always be given later, but they can never be taken back and sometimes the injury can last for life.


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