Natural Headache Remedy


Fortunately I don’t often suffer with headaches. Headaches, like all symptoms we experience in our body, is a signal that our body is trying to tell us something.  When anyone tells me of an approaching headache (not migraine) I have a standard 3 part remedy.  The sooner you learn to respond to the signals, the sooner you will feel better.

  1. Drink a big glass of spring water (dehydration is often involved);
  2. Lie down and take 10 deep breaths, exhaling slowly. It should take several minutes – longer than you thought! Seriously deep breaths, very controlled. Loooooooong breath in followed by a loooooooong breath out.  Usually the headache is gone before they get to 10. If you still have pain, then…
  3. Walk around outside on the earth barefoot. The edge of the sea is good, or wet grass, but any connection with the earth. The negative electrons are flowing out of the earth and are a great pain reliever.

I know it might seem quite odd – but I would rather do these three things than swallow any chemical concoction produced in a laboratory!

Sometimes people who struggle with migraines have an offending food that triggers it. I am definitely not experienced with migraines, but maybe these tips can help you if you catch it early enough. Let me know.

A friend recently shared this headache remedy:

Got a pretty bad headache this evening, which was a good thing, because I finally got to test out Turmeric mixed with coconut oil as a remedy. Totally worked! I was headache free in 20 minutes.

So maybe I should add it after the water and before the deep breaths.  I don’t think it could hurt and we can all use more coconut oil to enhance our brain function!

Let me know if any of these tips help reduce or relieve your headaches.  The really important part is to REMEMBER what you need to do as soon as you start feeling it coming on!

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