7 Things Done by Extremely Persuasive People

conversationSometimes we have something we desperately want to persuade someone else about. We passionately hold a view and we want those we care about to share it.  Sometimes we try beating them over the head with our information.  That doesn’t always work so well.  I found these principles written in the realm of sales, but it seems that they are sensible and could be very helpful when we are passionate about sharing information that we feel can benefit others.  From my reading of Acts I can also see how Paul of Tarsus operated according to these as he journeyed around Asia Minor taking his powerful message of Jesus Christ’s resurrection in the first century.

  1. They Are Purposeful
  2. They Listen … and Listen … Then Listen Some More
  3. They Create a Connection
  4. They Acknowledge Credibility (in others)
  5. They Offer Satisfaction
  6. They Know When to Shut Up 
  7. They Know When to Back Away

Notice what they do and what they don’t do.  They show respect for the other person. They do not criticize the other person or their views.  Trying to criticize another person with the hope of changing their mind is tantamount to impossible.  So, next time you find yourself wanting desperately to persuade someone to your point of view, stop and check to see if you are using these 7 principles to help you be more persuasive.

This list is taken from: 7 Things Extremely Persuasive People Do | TIME.com http://www.inc.com/kevin-daum/7-things-really-persuasive-people-do.html#ixzz2rMK7Mpsk

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  1. This is great Becky! So true and yet it is easy to forget. Honestly, I really needed to read this today. Thanks again for another amazing post. I love Journey Boost and I love you Becky. You are truly a genuine and insightful coach. Talk to you this week. Hugs xoxo, Allison

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