Boosting our Immune System

apple in waterWhere do we get information on how to boost the immune system?

If you trust some ‘experts’ you will make sure to get every injection against any disease in order to protect yourself.

If you look into ‘alternative’ approaches, you might be overwhelmed with information and could spend a lot of money to purchase all the different supplements recommended.

Like most topics faced by parents, we need to follow our hearts and seek true wisdom.  I believe wisdom comes from God through Jesus Christ.  He created our bodies and understands exactly how they function.  We live in a fallen world with disease, food shortages and greed.  Navigating the reality of the world we live in seems to be getting more difficult.  Who do we actually trust?  Many people are quick to demand “scientific validation.”  However, there are so many reports of bad science, false science, and biased science on both sides of every argument, so a non-scientist simply has to decide whom they are going to believe.

One thing I’ve noticed through the years is that a lot of information is surfacing and confirmed by a huge variety of people from many different disciplines and locations.  It is as if a body of wisdom is arising that people are universally finding helpful and then sharing – almost a natural peer review process.

I don’t claim to know everything.  I am just a fellow traveler and learner.  I have taken various supplements over the years, but I like to keep them at a minimum.  Here are some things I have found on my journey to boosting the immune system:


  1. Water.  Drink lots of clean water, especially first thing in the morning.  I choose spring water.  Solarized water or water treated with wheat grass might be good economical options to explore if spring water is not available.
  2. High quality food.  Organic food might be expensive, but sickness is very expensive. Choose the cleanest meats, wild caught fish, organic eggs, and raw dairy.
  3. Meat broths with organic meats.
  4. Healthy fats: avocado, coconut oil, cacao butter, olive oil. I haven’t yet tried red palm oil, but it is on the radar.
  5. Reduce/Eliminate processed foods, trans fats, GMOs, sugar, carbs, wheat, prescription drugs and over the counter medications.
  6. Superfoods whenever possible.  Superfoods are foods supplying high density nutrition.  I find combining them into a morning smoothie of fruit and vegetables is a very effective, sustainable solution. Spirulina, hemp seeds, cacao powder and nibs, aloe, goji berries, maca powder, Moringa berry powder, Chia seeds, honey.
  7. Vitamin D from sunshine exposure or D3 supplements when sunshine is not available.
  8. Probiotics in therapeutic or prophylactic doses, depending on your need.
  9. Regular exercise, especially to work up a sweat.
  10. Sauna if/when available.
  11. Dry skin brushing to boost lymphatic drainage.
  12. Cold burst at the end of a warm shower for as long as you can stand.
  13. Chiropractic: regular adjustments.
  14. Positively promote positive thoughts – don’t worry.
  15. Prayer and meditation.
  16. Harmonious relationships.
  17. Grounding by walking barefoot on the earth (especially beneficial for pain).
  18. Apple Cider Vinegar in salad dressing, or straight first thing in am
  19. Garlic – eat it whenever possible!
  20. Avoid Wheat. My husband swears this is one of the biggest reasons he has stopped getting colds and allergy symptoms.

At any symptoms of illness (don’t have to do them all, use what you have):

  1. Vitamin C in high doses (1 gram per hour of  sodium ascorbate, see more by Dr Suzanne Humphries on the best form of Vitamin C).
  2. Colloidal silver hourly.
  3. Extra Vitamin D3.
  4. Olive leaf extract (very high source of anti-oxidants).
  5. Oregano Oil (in carrier oil on bottom of feet).
  6. Essential oils (such as Thieves) on bottom of feet or temple.
  7. Cayenne pepper.

Washing your hands could possibly be on the list, but a little bit of dirt is good for the immune system.  I usually try to wash my hands after handling money or doing a lot of hand-shaking. I usually avoid antibacterial soaps.

I haven’t included links, but you can find information about a lot of these topics.  I appreciate all the people who have generously shared their knowledge and information with me over the years on keeping healthy.

Have I left anything important off my list?  What are your favorite immune boosters?

Raymond and Olga Klein promote a proactive approach to understanding and working with our immune system.

8 thoughts on “Boosting our Immune System

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  2. 1) We just started using elderberry syrup. It’s only been a couple of days but many people use it. There are a few different recipes so we will try a different next time and see which one we like best. Haven’t used it with baby though as all the recipes I have found use honey. There are differing opinions on honey so any research anyone has would be great!!
    2) Been using garlic and coconut oil on feet for sickness for 2 days. Not sure how often it is supposed to be applied but not sure it has helped yet especially on infant. He coughs all during night, but only a little during day.
    3) Would actually love recommendations on all supplements (for infant who is breastfed just starting solids, children 6 &up, breastfeeding mom and mom when no longer BF, and men).
    —I’m essentially new to all of this. Which supplements do you suggest adding first and how can we get them all without breaking the bank? Especially for a coughing infant (wet congested mainly at night; praying it’s not those “minor cold symptoms” that show up before whooping cough)
    –What remedies can I get quickly to relieve my infant’s cough? Having a rough time sleeping.
    –What brands for each of us? Or strands needed in probiotics (I do have a few probiotics in my prenatal that I take while breastfeeding, but probably not enough.)
    –What dosges for each??
    –Any easy ways to get ACV down children?
    — I currently have an ascorbic acid Vit c powder and 1000 mg tablets. Will those work for now instead of sodium ascorbate?
    4) Is there a specific brand of EOs you recommend? And which ones to try to stock first in medicine cabinet?
    5) I’m so confused about wheat and/or grains. So much research showing its OK as long as it’s whole and organic or even sprouted and so much research against it. Could this just be bigger issues for some more than others?
    6) We are fortunate enough to raise out our own beef. No steroids, hormones, or antibiotics and grassfed about 95-97% of the time. Only occasionally do they get grain (never checked label before so could be GMO), and the pasture is sprayed for weeds once a year (will be looking for better way to kill weeds in future). So hoping this hasn’t caused too many problems for us?
    7) I have bought very few processed foods lately (mainly organic condiments or bread) so I’ve put that extra money into fresh local produce. We have our own beef but buying other organic meats and raw Dairy products (I’ve only found milk and butter) just doesn’t seem feasible on our income after necessary bills. My job is not steady (and I’m on WIC, but that’s for another time) so I have no idea how to budget for that from week to week. I think we have been breaking into our savings just so I can get quality food. Suggestions for those who don’t know what their income will be from week to week?
    8) So being new to all this also has me stressed because there is so much research and conflicting evidence. I continue to pray but continue to do more research which is weighing me down. Yep I worry about my children not being able to get healthy enough quick enough to prevent disease as our youngest is unvaccinated. I felt we have worked so hard, yet he still has this horrible cough and not too long ago had an ear infection (thankfully managed with no antibiotics). I still believe he has some fluid behind his ears because of certain ways be moves his head. I’m just ready to be done with stress, but finances don’t help the situation. So maybe this last point is just to ask for prayer.

    I think that’s enough questions for now! Hope I haven’t overwhelmed you or other readers but maybe someone has some of these questions as well . Blessings to you and family!!

    • Shalimar,
      That is a log of questions! It sounds like you are making great progress to avoiding toxins, eating clean and supporting your immune system. You are 100% right – it can be a very confusing journey. Try not to stress, but to do the best you can with what you know and what you can afford right now. Find joy in your life. Find ways to de-stress. Focus on loving your family well and sharing happy times with laughter. Stress and worry can be just as toxic as all the chemicals we are exposed to. There are some natural living groups on Facebook where everyone pools their information. Remember to congratulate yourself on how far you have come. You are doing a phenomenal job of researching and caring for your precious children. Don’t forget to prioritize your marriage, and find ways to re-fuel yourself!


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    • give a chance to the cod liver too. It cheaper and more complex, I put in the food for all the family, 2-3 times per week 😀 (ssst, don’t tell them 😀 )

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