BibleWe all have bias; Some acknowledge their bias; some don’t; some choose to stay completely unaware; some are deceived; but we all have bias.

My personal bias is that Jesus Christ transformed my life. He is now the foundation I seek to build my life on. His word, given to us through the library we know as the Bible, is my foundation, my source, my filter.

There are many groups and individuals who claim something similar. I believe God has a plan and can transform anyone willing to rethink their life, turn to God, and gain a whole new life.  It is a process, so if you try to judge us, or any follower of Jesus Christ, you will still see flaws. I am not perfect. But God is guiding me daily.  He is transforming my thinking as I prioritize reading His word. He’s giving me a whole new life.

I love using a modified version of Prof Horner’s Bible Reading System that takes me through 10 different chapters from many different sections of this library. Jesus himself taught His followers the value of seeking God through the ancient Scriptures:

        How blessed are those who hear God’s voice
        And make God’s message their way of life. Jesus, Luke 11:28

For those of you who are new to some of these concepts, like the fact that you can have a personal relationship with God through Jesus, and that reading the Bible can provide a foundation for making all of life’s decisions, I can imagine two possible responses:

  1. Intrigue.  You want to learn more or want to experience this blessing personally.
  2. Scoff or dismiss. I can understand, but I would urge you to reconsider. Take some time to allow God to reveal Himself to you. What have you got to loose by opening a window to God?

I hope to write more about the energy and vitality I have gained through reading God’s Word and the special blessing I have received through using the 10 List System.

That is my bias. Are you aware of yours?

Have you tried reading the Bible for yourself?  Are you thinking of starting off 2014 with a new zeal for seeking God’s answers for your life?

8 thoughts on “Bias

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  4. You wrote about this New Year Bible reading plan in early January, 2014. I am reading this in 2015, two days away from the exact mid point of the year. I looked online and found Professor Horner’s 10 chapter Bible reading plan and I am going to do it. Starting today, June 29, 2015. Because, like Prof. Horner says on his site, any day is a great day to start reading the Bible. 🙂

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