Vaccine Safety

syringeAll vaccines have the legal classification of being unavoidably unsafe.  Dr Tony Bark

Trust parental instinct.  If something goes wrong, you are going to have to live with it for a long time.  We have had Public Health for about 50 years, but maternal instinct has been around for thousands of years.  Dr Andrew Wakefield

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There are many thoughtful, highly trained medical professionals who are actively involved in caring for vaccine injured children  These professional have spent hours researching the history and science of vaccination and concluded that vaccines are to be approached with extreme caution.

This community consists of MDs, PhDs, DOs, Chiropractors, Naturopaths, parents and grandparents.  They have have learned from listening to parents and being wiling to release a mindset stuck in a paradigm that they were trained in.  Listening to parents and being willing to challenge the dogma they have been entrenched in, enables them to understand the science and history behind vaccines and understand what mechanisms are happening in the body when there are vaccine injuries.

Theses medical professionals supporting families with vaccine injury, like you and me, need to eat and enjoy living indoors, but they are not earning multimillions through connections with corporations.  These corporations are not liable for any damage, death or injury caused by vaccines.  If someone is supporting and promoting vaccines it is imperative that you explore any possible conflicts of interests.  Before you believe someone who claims to be a specialist, check out how their income is impacted through their connection with vaccine acceptance.

Vaccine damage is a reality – yet those who manufacture them are not held responsible, only given profits.  If your child is injured or dies as a result of vaccines you cannot seek any recourse from the manufacturers.  You can file a claim through the special vaccine court set up by the government, which has paid out over $2.5 B, but they only have settled 25% of the claims made to them.

Think about it.  You have to choose who to trust.  Take some time.  You can never unvaccinate.

What matters most to you when you consider vaccinating?

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