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Fruit FaceIn the area of health we are bombarded with information, often competing and contradictory.  There are powerful forces at work to keep us confused, sick and dependent.

Most of us don’t have time to delve into the latest research and make sense of it.  Only when we, or someone we love is faced with a huge health challenge, do we get the motivation necessary to delve into the details and research what is truly healthy.  We also get the motivation needed to follow our new knowledge with action.

I have spent hours researching various aspects of health.  My body is my personal science experiment.  I put what I learn into practice as a part of my research.  I love sharing what I learn with others.

Children’s Health

I am particular passionate about raising healthy children.  I began my healthy parenting journey 31 years ago with reading Adele Davis’ book, Let’s Have Healthy Children and continue to endorse her approach to helping our children reach their unique potential through breastfeeding and providing whole foods in as close to their natural state as possible, while avoiding processed foods.  In our present day, I think Mrs Davis would be shocked by the state of children’s health in our country where childhood cancer, auto-immune diseases, diabetes, behavior disorders, etc are all reaching epidemic proportions.

I raised five children who are making wise nutritional choices as adults and parents themselves.  Feeding a family is a very difficult job in today’s world with so many quick, easy, tasty options tempting us.  Parents today face an enormously difficult task in raising healthy children.  Join me in a Journey of discovering optimal health for every member of the family.

A coach is someone trained and devoted to guiding others into increased competence, commitment, and confidence.  I’d love to help you reach your personal health goals.

How do you implement and encourage healthy nutrition in your family? Please let me know your ideas in the comments section below.

It Starts with the Shopping

3 thoughts on “Coaching for Health

  1. The most effective way that we’ve found to encourage healthy eating in our children is to truly embrace it as parents. My daughter (and even my 10 month old son), can tell when it looks like mom and dad are “depriving them of the good stuff.” It’s difficult to live a double life with kids, which forces me to ask myself, “Do I really believe in the nutritional standards that I impose on my children?” Some, like drinking lots of water and avoiding soda and juice, are very easy to embrace, because I’ve embraced them for so long that I’ve developed an aversion to soda and juice. Therefore, my kids don’t really ask for soda or much juice. On the other hand, even though I tell my kids to go easy on the sugar, they seem me going for sugar too often, so that advice often falls on deaf ears. So, I’d say the best way for me to encourage healthy nutrition within the entire family is to first ask what healthy practices do I truly need to first embrace.

    • So true. The maxim, Actions Speak Louder Than Words, becomes very real during our parenting journey. What you are doing speaks so loudly, I can’t hear what you are saying!

      I heard a great talk about the impact of sugar (basically all carbs) on our brain and the blood flow to different areas of our brains and how it can make us either more impulsive or compulsive. So there are often negatively reinforcing cycles: eat sugar, want more sugar, forget all my resolve, impulsively eat more sugar! The speaker suggested protein snacks, and choosing sweet potatoes or spaghetti squash as good sources of legitimately giving in to our cravings! These choices will actually provide fuel that our body needs.

      You inspire me with your wisdom and insight at such a young age! You have been an example to me in many ways.

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